In Focus: Travel Startups on Day 1 at RISE Conference

By on August 1, 2015 | Startup Feature

Welcome to Hong Kong where we are reporting live to you from the RISE Summit, which is currently being organized in the picturesque venue of Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. While we were a little late to join the party on Day 1 and actually made it to the summit not before lunch, once we did step in, it was all crazy indeed.

For those of you who don’t know, RISE Summit is brought to you by the awesome bunch of people who organise the “Web Summit”. In its inaugural edition, we have a completely sell-out crowd with over 5000 people attending it from 70+ countries. There is so much happening at the summit, that 2 days do not seem to be sufficient :)

Here are some really interesting Travel startups that exhibited on the first day. As you would expect from the travel industry, we had exhibitors from Japan, US, Australia and many other countries at the summit.

From an app that allows you to chat with fellow flyers even when your phone is on airplane mode to an app that uses beacons to enhance your on-road travel experience, we had them all!

Here is a short photologue of some of them, more updates & reviews to follow.

FlightChat rise summit

Guillaume Panot, CEO of FlightChat app that allows flyers to chat with each other without the need of a bluetooth connection

Seeties rise summit

Malaysian startup Seeties, helps you to explore Asian cities like a local

TripVerse rise summit

TripVerse from United States, aims to be the one-stop trip planning app for your next vacations

Triplynr rise summit

Singapore based Triplynr helps you to plan that perfect trip by making it easy to search best itineraries

Sam the Local rise summit

Representing the home country Hong Kong, Sam the Local is an online market place that connects explorers to locals who take them on the best experiences

Odigo rise summit

Odigo is the trip creating and sharing platform to help you plan your visit to Japan

JamJar rise summit

Representing Western Australia, down-under JamJar helps you to explore bars, beans, art, music & food in Western Australia

You can find more updates from RISE here.


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