10 amazingly surprising facts about Airbnb that you didn’t know

By on August 29, 2015 | Spotlight

Airbnb is considered to be one of the biggest disrupters in the hospitality industry. With more and more travellers looking for authentic experiences during their travel, the sharing economy is booming and Airbnb is leading the change. With new tools for business travellers and premium listings, Airbnb is eating into the bigger pie. There have been some controversies around the brand but there is lot more to it than just the controversies. Here are some interesting facts about Airbnb that you probably didn’t know.

#1. Those Funding Days

The initial funds ($30,000) were generated by selling special breakfast cereals called “Obama O’s” and “Cap’n McCains” taking inspiration from presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain.

Airbnb ObamaO

ObamaO’s breakfast cereal

#2. The Valuation Game

It is valued at $20 billion which is higher than the valuation of Accor and Hyatt combined (Accor-$10.82 billion, Hyatt-$8.98 billion).

#3. How did it all happen

The idea originated with Brian Chesky & Joe Gebbia (co-founders) renting air mattresses in their apartment to visitors of a trade show to pay rents.

#4. You can stay at Brian’s place

Brian Chesky has been living on and off in Airbnbs since 2010 and listing the original Airbnb apartment on the website. brian profile airbnb

#5. The name

The original name was AirBed&Breakfast which was later shortened to Airbnb.

#6. Celebs at Airbnb

You can find large number of celebrity houses listed on Airbnb like Elizabeth Taylor’s house here.

#7. Zero Ownership

Despite being the largest accommodation provider, Airbnb owns no real estate.

#8. Size Zero

You can rent a 1 sqm house in Germany on Airbnb. A wooden waterproof construction on wheels with slide door and a desk.

#9. Your Favourite F1 Team

Airbnb sponsors the Manor Marussia F1 Team.

manor airbnb

The Manor F1 car with Airbnb sponsorship logos

#10. and lastly…

Their love for cars goes beyond F1. You can find Tesla charging stations at various Airbnb properties in California.


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