Leading brand Cosmopolitan launches CosmoTrips for travel enthusiasts

By on August 30, 2022 | Startup Feature

Renowned company – and rightly so for being the world’s largest women’s media brand – Cosmopolitan has expanded into the travel business. Cosmopolitan is one of the most powerful and recognized brands in the world. It’s the biggest young women’s magazine media brand in the UK and has now decided to penetrate into the travel industry with its travel booking service CosmoTrips

“Travel like an editor” is the catchphrase that CosmoTrips is riding on. Open to travellers in the U.S, this venture of Cosmopolitan delivers a unique opportunity for the brand’s Gen Z and millennial audience to “travel like an editor” through instantly bookable, curated vacation experiences in top cities across the U.S. Currently the offering features an assortment of two and three-day itineraries in New York, Austin, Charleston, and West Hollywood. It will soon expand to curating itineraries for New Orleans, Miami, and Las Vegas in the coming months.


After more than 2 years of stillness, the travel industry has returned to the advertising market with a bang. Over the past year, Cosmo has invested in travel coverage, delivering more content than ever, including travel features in every print issue. With the launch of CosmoTrips, Cosmopolitan is dedicating its 5th issue to travel enthusiasts. This issue will be exploring the hottest places to travel right now, the best places to stay, where to dine, what to wear, and things to check out while you’re there. The issue will also include a unique CosmoTrips feature spotlighting the four launch destinations.

Inside the CosmoTrips itineraries

Each itinerary offers the best places to stay, eat, and play—plus exclusive perks and insider access—all vetted by the Cosmo editorial team and secured in collaboration with experience provider Travel Curious.

“CosmoTrips travel packages are specifically curated for this demographic, vetted by our editors, and include perks and surprise and delight moments, many of which are exclusive to our offering. Cosmo is such a trusted resource on so many aspects of their lives; creating a travel experience they will love, making it easy to book, and guaranteeing them a fun time was a natural brand extension for us”, says Nancy Berger – Publishing Director and Chief Revenue Officer of Hearst Youth + Wellness Group.

“Our editors love to travel—and so does our audience. CosmoTrips not only takes out the stress of planning their next vacation but travelers are guaranteed an experience that passes our editors’ pickiness test, all without lifting a finger,” said Jessica Giles, editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan. “With the coolest destinations, chicest restaurants, and the secret spots only locals know about, these are the extremely curated trips that our audience deserves.”

Travel now, pay later!

The heightened focus on travel has also unlocked new advertising partnerships with tourism agencies, hotels, and other mainstays of the hospitality industry, including Air New Zealand and Texas Tourism. Launch sponsors for CosmoTrips include Bloomingdale’s and Klarna. Klarna serves as the official “travel now, pay later” partner, making it easy for consumers to budget their travel plans. The payment platform is fully integrated into the CosmoTrips booking website, and CosmoTrips will be featured in a variety of premium placement formats across Klarna’s app and website as well as promoted through Klarna’s influencer network.

Booking an experience with CosmoTrips?

If you’re interested in a sample itinerary, Cosmo put together a review of what you would be seeing and doing in New York City. You can book your trip right at CosmoTrips’s website, and two-night stays start at $349 per person, with double occupancy. Three-nighters are as low as $449 per person and require three people to book.

It is interesting that Cosmopolitan, a magazine known for its articles like “What zodiac sign are you most compatible with” and “How to make your man crazy about you” has ventured into a very very new space and created CosmoTrips. What CosmoTrips offers is not your typical tour but, for somebody who is looking for inexpensive lodging and a bit of guidance in terms of what to do, it could turn out to be perfect.


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