The Whipper whips out the best of the tracking experience for climbers

By on May 7, 2016 | Technology

Adventure travel has witnessed spectacular tech improvements in the past half-decade. The rate at which travellers are gorging technology is extraordinary and amazing. The industry has cashed on various devices it rolled out for a plethora of activities. Be it action cameras or drone technology, these technological advancements doesn’t stop the innovators to break their boundaries.

Climbing has been an ever loving sport for that adrenaline rush we keep missing. Adventures such as mountaineering, bouldering, indoor climbing or an outdoor one have been on a checklist of an avid hiking fan. The innovators at Mbient Lab Inc have been working hard to get the best of the technology for all these adventure junkies. They have something in store. Let’s check out.


Whipper is a clip-on instrument that acts like a performance tracker and a smart coach. The Whipper is a climbing performance and fitness tracker, that helps you improve your technique and endurance — using a sleek clip-on device and accompanying Smartphone App. The Whipper smart tracker with a state of the art motion sensor technology acts like clip-on starts working right away by collecting data while you focus on your climbing.

The device works in real time or you can log all of your climbs and sync your data together whenever ready. The Whipper works indoors and out, so you can use it while at the gym training and you get real time stats on any activity and problem. You can use the Whipper on a multi-pitch outdoor climb and as the day is over you can sync all of your climbing data and check out your stats. It tracks where you climb, how you climb and what you climb.

climbing stats whipper(1)

All metrics are derived from the device’s algorithms which incorporate 6 axis motion and a high-speed high-precision altimeter. Automatically calculated metrics such as feet, incline, pace, time and effort are stored in memory on the Whipper device on a per climb and per session basis. The Whipper’s built-in advanced motion sensors allow it to measure a climber’s stability, effort, and angle of inclination.  The App can record additional information such as the location of your climb using your phone GPS. This information is used to further improve your climbing stats and the accuracy of the device’s climbing algorithms.

The Whipper App gives feedback on your skills, technique, and movement so you can track your progress over each session. It analyzes each user’s data on an individual basis and provides feedback based on technical elements during the climb. The Whipper’s battery lasts approximately 1-2 weeks under normal usage conditions. It comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and can be charged through any micro-USB cable.

You can check out for more on the running campaign at Indiegogo and get an early bird offer by backing it up.


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