LocalAventura helps South America to boast of its rich resources in adventure tourism

By on April 2, 2016 | Startup Feature

What do you call a place where wanderlust gets the best of you? Travellers call it a jackpot. What if on top of it you cannot find the means to explore that paradise? You’d be disappointed to your core. Latin America is an unexplored and rugged terrain. There’s more life in a less tread piece of land than a thriving mess of nightlife. The only thing missing is a little direction and resources for the Native Americans to bring out their potential in the tourism sector.

local aventuraThis is what the founders Eugena Brown and Andrea Vidler tackled when they met at the Wharton MBA program and the inception of Local Aventura took place. They cater to the adventure travellers in South American geography and bring them in touch with local guides for an authentic experience throughout the domain. From a sailing adventure off the coast of Lima to a trek through Patagonia, there is no better way to experience the beauty, excitement, and mystery of Latin America than with a trusted and knowledgeable local.

Andrea was born in Chile and frequently travelled between Latin America and the USA. Through extensive work and travel experience in the region, she saw firsthand how difficult it was for people to gain economic independence and access key business resources. Eugena, a self-­proclaimed “wander-luster,” has frequent travel experience, both in and out of Latin America. Through traveling in the region, she noticed that it was particularly difficult, to find authentic experiences due to Latin America’s fragmented tourism market. The two also noticed that other booking platforms didn’t interview or vet their guides, leaving it up to chance for travellers to find quality tours.

Founders-Gena and Drea

LocalAventura makes sure to test and vet all their guides before they are sent on site. This is to ensure high-quality tours and authentic, unique services. The focus on the Latin American market keeps the start-up keenly observant for any new lookouts in the region. As the market is fairly new, LocalAventura hopes to establish themselves as leading trusted source in providing travel services in the region. Travellers can alter any pre-­existing tours to meet their needs, or they can contact LocalAventura directly for any kind of help to them set up a tour that the team hasn’t listed yet. The start-up also will plan customized itineraries using their local guides to lead the way.

The team plans to provide more economic support to the nationals there as the market is apparently new. From a traveller’s perspective, the experience of exploring with a local helps them gain a better understanding of the trip. The locals are their own bosses and configure for themselves their own tours and schedules while the team at LocalAventura provides them with resources, marketing, and clientele.

To know more about the team and about these “wander lusters” , please check out their website.


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