MOS Pack: Your ideal travel companion in the digital age

By on December 9, 2015 | Technology

To make your travel easier while flying around the world or just walking across the town, we introduce you an exemplary travel companion called MOS Pack. It features a built-in charging station and internal cable management that helps you charge your gadgets without taking them out of your backpack.

MOS Pack

MOS Pack for travellers

(Photo Credit: Image by Macrumors)

During journeys, you usually face the trouble of charging your gadgets like smartphones, laptops and tablets. At times, you might have to charge all your devices simultaneously or you might not find enough plugs to fit all your adaptors. This unique backpack will help you out in such situations.

Feature-wise, MOS Pack holds 20 litres of storage space with a range of organisational options to keep everything within reach. It has utility pockets like Passport Pocket, Smartphone Pocket and Bottle Pocket. It has the latest version of MOS’s (Reach) extension cable and magnets built within the pack that keeps the cables organised. The cable can transform any power outlet into a mobile charging station with its built-in magnetic cable management system.

It is quite slim, making it a comfortable luggage for travellers. The stylish yet professional appearance of the bag makes it an ideal luggage for both business and leisure travellers. According to the makers of the backpack, it is rugged enough for trekking and other outdoor activities. MOS Pack can act as an everyday commuter bag, weekender bag or carry-on bag.

To enhance your travel experience with MOS Pack, do watch the video by Kickstarter below:

MOS Pack has successfully grabbed the attention of the both international and domestic travellers. It has already achieved its funding goal of $15000 within seven hours of its launch at Kickstarter.

Would you like to try out MOS Pack for your next travel?


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