Kasia will allow travellers to leave their home stress free

By on March 6, 2016 | Technology

Realising that you forgot to turn off electricals at home while travelling will probably make you anxious for the rest of your trip. Apart from the added electricity costs, there could be risks of damage of property. While a slew of smart home solutions have come up recently, high cost is limiting the rate of adoption. The latest addition to the list of smart home solutions is Kasia which also claims to be the most affordable.

Its Kickstarter campaign is getting lot of attention from backers. Working of Kasia is pretty simple. The plugs and switches in your home have to be replaced with the smarter ones from Kasia. This will allow you to control the appliances plugged into the plug or lights and fans being controlled through the switch. Other devices include a ‘Remote’ to control the devices, ‘Open’ to keep track of doors and windows and notify you if you leave something open. ‘Presence’ to detect your position using Bluetooth and ‘Hub’ to store all your data privately offline.


The devices can communicate with each other and the mobile app to automate various processes. You can control the system using the mobile app from anywhere. The system can react differently when you are away and give you timely alerts about your home. You can also schedule the lights or any other appliances to turn on or off on a schedule when you are away. The project is raising funds on Kickstarter and is just USD 1,300 shy of USD 30,000 goal with another 32 days to go. You can find more details on their Kickstarter page.


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