Google Assistant is going places and you should take notice

By on January 5, 2017 | Technology

Remember when we said that you should keep an eye on ‘Action on Google’? Today we are probably going to say the same thing, only with more reasons to back. Google introduced the Assistant to ease the life of a user. Coming in with Pixel, the Assistant powers the Google Home device as well. Now the search giant is looking to take the Assistant to more places including your TV, Android Wear watches and in-car entertainment systems.

google assistant

Google’s Home device already had an edge over Alexa with its massive search data and availability through Pixel devices and Allo messenger. Not that Alexa is not impressive but Google had that head start. By making it accessible in new places, Assistant will be able to reach new users and on more occasions and in turn, this will create opportunity for the brands providing the actions to interact more with users.

The Actions on Google can have direct action to certain commands or have a conversational form depending on what it is. Companies working on travel assistant services in various forms might not like it much but travel providers of different scale can actually gain a lot out of it. The Assistant opens up the opportunity to reach a much larger tech savvy set of audience.

Assistant will be rolling on devices like Nvidia Shield, Xiaomi Mi Box and an array of devices that make use of Google Assistant SDK. It is already being claimed that apps will go away making way for chat and voice and the Assistant is a step in the same direction. Some major travel brands like Uber, Open Table and Lonely Planet are already there with more exploring the possibilities. If you want to get started with Actions on Google, click here.


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