Go Pro gets a 3D companion in Vitrima

By on July 2, 2016 | Technology

GoPro is the king of the adventure photography. It goes on without saying that the tech team behind the adventure cam is a group of highly motivated individuals who plan on changing our perception about photography on a daily basis. People at Vitrima have added a different angle to it. These folks have come with a 3D lens that lets you not record videos but experiences.

You can easily turn your Go Pro Hero 3 and Hero 4 into a 3D recording device. It comes with a setting that enables pre-attached to a standard Go Pro housing. It mounts to your accessories and is small enough for wingsuiters. The videos are instantly ready to be uploaded without any editing. The best way to watch the 3D videos are through the headset. Vitrima creates two different images for your left and right eye. When you watch the video through the 3D headset your brain puts the two images together into a 3D experience. The 3D videos could be watched by directly putting your phone in the headset.

Based on Stereoscopic 3D technology which is a style of 3D video that uses two slightly different videos to mimic the two slightly different angles your eyes view the world from, Vitrima Lens solves that by using mirrors to create the Stereoscopic 3D natively in the camera.

It has the best 3D range in its price window. It’s waterproof international protection marking of 67 and anti-reflective glass technology has made it one of its kind travellers’ gizmo.

Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is currently running with 501 backers with 312% raised off the original goal. They have come up with an offer to grab free lenses by referring three other friends. Follow the campaign on Indiegogo here.


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