Keep travelling safe with Tripsafe

By on June 26, 2016 | Technology

Travelling alone calls for many actions to be taken care of on one’s own. Safety and security are the prime concerns of any individual when they are travelling. It could be due to any reason. A trashy motel that your company had put you up in, broke fire alarms and door knobs, just about any reason. Tripsafe is designed for this traveller.

It’s a smart security system that sets up within 10 seconds and can be controlled from one’s phone. The door step knobs prevent any harm on the road and protects and secures oneself. Its video monitoring with motion detectors protects the room and the valuables when one is away and audio streaming on the smartphone keeps the device connected.

It comes loaded with other features like wifi, cellular 3G, Bluetooth, 90 db security alarm, text alerts, smoke and hazardous gas detection, backup phone charger etc. It can be paired to multiple phones and also notify people when Tripsafe alarm is activated. The door stops motion sensor can be deactivated  if one chooses to use motion and audio detection. TripSafe has an internal battery in the base station so that it doesn’t have to be plugged in when one needs it to work. Once you fully charge it, you can operate it unplugged for two days. The battery is large enough to charge a cell phone up to six times. Each door stop sensor has a long life battery that can be easily replaced.


TripSafe will alert the user even if he chooses to not subscribe to the app. The only thing that doesn’t happen is the operator from the help centre who might call the user in times of his need.

TripSafe provides a new personal, portable security solution for the one billion global domestic annual leisure and business travellers. The idea was fostered by Derek Blumke, a US Air Force veteran who was inspired by a hotel experience two years ago.  He was so concerned with his surroundings that he wanted his family to know where he was – in case they didn’t hear from him the next day. This experience was a propeller enough for a travel security system that could protect anyone – wherever they go.

You can pre-order it now on their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and know more about their product here.


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