WiFire takes the hassle out of using public Wi-Fi networks

By on April 4, 2016 | Startup Feature

People love to post photos on Instagram and add check-ins to Facebook while travelling but often connectivity is a challenge. Free public Wi-Fi hotspots offer some relief but not only are they hard to find but also pose security challenges. Along with that, these hotspots generally require the user to sign up using phone numbers. WiFire is a mobile app that aims to address these challenges and allow travellers to easily use free pubic Wi-Fi hotspots.

WiFire Team

The team behind WiFire app

WiFire allows its users to discover and connect to free Wi-Fi networks around them. It can automatically notify about the availability of shared networks in the range and can connect without the user having to enter a password. In case of open public Wi-Fi networks, the app automatically inputs the details, collects the OTP and autofills the login page to use the network.

The network of public Wi-Fi hotspots has got a large number of challenges and the WiFire team came up with the app to address them. According to them, finding a reliable Wi-Fi is never as straightforward as it should be and even after finding a network, there are lot more questions about the network. Currently their database has got over 2,500 verified networks spread across airports, restaurants, cafes and other Wi-Fi zones. Users can also submit information about such hotspots to further expand the database and in turn, they earn badges and rewards as incentive.

The app has already seen over 5,000 downloads and is experiencing constant growth as people continue to use the app and share it in their network. The app is gaining traction among both locals and travellers alike. Students and young professionals use it to find Wi-Fi hotspots in their own city while business travellers and tourists use the app on the go. You can easily login to the app using your Google Plus account and the excellent interface makes using it a breeze.

There are other apps that allow users to discover Wi-Fi hotspots in a region but WiFire highly emphasis on the quality of shared hotspots. The verified networks present in their database must have valid password and Google Place ID associated with them so that it can be ensured that they are actual Wi-Fi hotspots at public establishments and not any false hotspots. They also keep cleaning their database to keep any such hotspots should they find their way in somehow.

Another differentiator is the auto-fill OTP feature. Most other apps only allow discovery of networks but WiFire enables the user to skip the log-in process by automating it. It also supports the recently introduced RailWire Wi-Fi networks at multiple railway stations across India.

The WiFire team is working relentlessly on expanding the database to cover even the smallest of cities in India and then they will look at expansion in other markets starting with other Asian countries. They are constantly adding interesting features to their android app and will soon be launching an app for iOS devices as well.

You can download the app for your Android device or find more details on their website.


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