Why Rajasthan Tourism is making headlines with the new video campaign?

By on January 21, 2016 | Spotlight

Rajasthan, the land of camels and vast deserts, is making news all over with its new video campaign. They have released a series of videos, the first one of which quickly takes the viewers through everything that Rajasthan is known for to introduce the new logo of Rajasthan Tourism Board. The other videos take a different perspective and use a character to showcase how they see Rajasthan. The videos have managed to connect very well with the audience and are being widely shared all over.

What is so special about the videos?

Watch the video once and you will know why we are talking about it. They have created various elements in sand art that can be associated with the beautiful state and then used stop motion photography to create this amazing video. From forts to camels, the video has got it all.

Like we mentioned, the other videos take a single character, a traveller, and tell a story from their perspective. They have named the videos by prefixing the traveller’s name before Rajasthan.

It is said that if your marketing activity doesn’t educate or entertain the audience, you need to go back to the drawing board. The Rajasthan Tourism videos educate the viewers about attractions in Rajasthan with some of them adding humour to the equation as well.

Rajasthan Tourism’s tagline, “Jaane kya dikh jaaye” also goes well with the videos as they present the state as a place full of surprises. The video campaign is accompanied by a very interesting new logo. Moustache has been a part of the traditional Rajasthani attire for men and camels have long been associated with deserts. The new logo very neatly blends together these two.

You can find all the videos on their YouTube channel. Do tell us what you think of these new videos by Rajasthan Tourism Board.


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