Terrifying or Amazing? What do you think of this video by Emirates?

By on November 6, 2015 | Spotlight

Dubai is a crazy destination and every now and then we come across something out of the ordinary there. Now a new video has come up featuring Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet flying around an Emirates A380 over the Dubai coastline. Yves Rossy, commonly termed as Jetman or Rocketman, has been involved in various flights, including one through Grand Canyon and an attempt to go across Strait of Gibraltar, on his carbon fibre jetpack powered by Jet Cat turbine engine.

This video shows the duo joining the Emirates A380 from the left and then flying all around it before fading away into the skies. Of course it is a promotional video for Emirates, which wants to show off its A380, and XDubai which is an action sport company in Dubai.

They have made it look very effortless in the video but the reality is nowhere even close. The video has been captured from a helicopter circling the aircraft and synchronising the two would have been a huge effort in itself, let alone the Jetman duo.

jetman emirates xdubai

Last month the Emirates A380 was in news because a video emerged that showed the airliner flying very close beneath a helicopter in Dubai. Emirates acknowledged that they are conducting air to air filming of A380 over various parts of Dubai and apparently it was in the process of shooting this epic video. While experts suggested that it was completely safe and well controlled, it was still a very close flyby.

With this new video coming up, the internet is flooded with mixed responses. While most people are in awe with the kind of feat Jetman duo, XDubai and Emirates have achieved, some have gone to the extent of calling the jetpacks a new form of weapon. Well that isn’t exactly the case because in most cases flying the jetpack requires as many permissions as a plane and for the turbine engines to work properly, you have to set off from a high altitude from a helicopter which again limits the possibilities. To know more about the making of this video, you can follow this link.

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