Sam Amrani on how Travel Marketers can use Beacons

By on September 10, 2015 | Interviews , Technology

Last month, we met Sam Amrani at the RISE Summit in HK and had a quick chat with him on the usage of beacons in the travel industry. Sam, who is the executive chairman at Tamoco, a London based leader in mobile proximity technology and analytics had some interesting insights on how he thinks the beacons will shape up the future of travel. We think beacons are going to be big in this part of the world and we should see a wide-scale adoption from airports to hotels in the coming days. There is an initial awareness challenge that the industry faces that can be potentially overcome with some adoption stories of beacons and how they’ve been used across different verticals.

Here is a short video of our conversation with Sam Amrani from our series TravHQ Talks. To watch out our other video stories, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel.


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