TravHQ Talks: Rimoto tries to solve the biggest problem faced by travellers

By on October 22, 2015 | Startup Feature

We are so used to having internet on our mobile devices that we feel helpless without it. While travelling outside country borders, it becomes a major problem as roaming costs can be sky high. During the WIT Bootcamp, we came across a startup Rimoto which is trying to solve this by offering users free access to some useful apps while you are travelling.

Shashin Shah, one of the co-founders of Rimoto presented the idea during the Start-up pitch during WIT Bootcamp and won during the final round on October 21. Here is a short video of Shashin introducing Rimoto to the TravHQ community.

To provide the service, Rimoto partners with various mobile operators and buys data in bulk to offer free access to partner apps through VPN. The apps are mostly services like restaurant reservation, cabs and ticket booking that people primarily need while travelling. Users can also choose to have internet access for more apps like Facebook and Whatsapp if they choose to pay for a premium plan.

rimoto edit

Shashin presenting Rimoto during WIT Bootcamp

You can know more about Rimoto on their website here. To read other stories from TravelRave, you can click here.


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  • pooja shukla

    I think Singapore’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is a great test bed for startups from across the region to try and implement their ideas. As they say, if it works in Singapore it would be successful in most other markets. For someone who follows, the Indian startup arena closely, I only hope that the government in India learns from events such as TravelRave and embeds these initiatives.