A round-up of Travel Startups from the WIT Bootcamp that caught our eye

By on October 20, 2015 | Events , News

Yesterday, TravelRave kicked off with the WIT Bootcamp and it was quite a day. Successful entrepreneurs sharing their stories to budding entrepreneurs presenting their ideas, there was a little bit of everything and like always, it also featured Start-up Pitch in which the selected startups presented their idea to panel of mentors and investors. The winning team of the startup pitch stands to win prize sponsored by Abacus Ventures.

Here are some of the startups that presented during the WIT Bootcamp that caught our attention:

#1. 42Race

42Race is a platform that would help you plan ‘running vacations’. It focuses on people who travel for marathons across the world and offers one stop portal for the resources they would need. At this point they are focusing on China but plan to expand to other countries soon. They try to bring down the costs for travellers by utilising the volumes and offering customised itineraries tailored around the needs of marathon runners. Website


Zhou Mi, Co-Founder, 42Race

#2. Rimoto

Rimoto tries to address the issue of roaming costs and offers local app based services that are essential to a traveller. These may include cab services, hotel booking, local discovery and other similar services. This works with the help of Rimoto app which will keep running in background and allow partner services to work for free through VPN. Rimoto isn’t available for public yet and will be launched soon. Website


Shashin Shah, Co-Founder, Rimoto

#3. TripBolt

The team at TripBolt plans to bring all the stages of a traveller’s cycle in one place. It is an aggregator for the travel search engines and will offer content to inspire people, help them plan and then eventually book, all in one place. TripBolt isn’t available to public yet and will be launched soon. Website


Hendric Tay, Co-Founder – Tripbolt

#4. Wellobox

Wellobox is a service that offers incentives to hosts of homestays like AirBnb to enhance the experience of guests. They can offer curated local discounts and offers for the guests which in turn will fetch them better reviews and thus drive more guests. Website

Stuart Blitz, Wellobox

Stuart Blitz, Wellobox

#5. Your Local Cousin

Your Local Cousin helps travellers by offering them with a local expert who will connect with them via Skype and create itineraries suitable to them for a small fee. The start up aims to help the travellers when they need information or recommendations at a destination. Website

Kunal Jain, Co-Founder, Your Local Cousin

Kunal Jain, Co-Founder, Your Local Cousin

#6. Kaicar

While self drive car rental is a relatively new concept in India, there are too many rental services in many other countries. Kaicar aggregates multiple car rental providers in one place so that travellers can easily find suitable vehicle from a provider that suits them. The providers get to list at their own prices and pay a small commission on the booking while the customers get to pick the best deals from the ones listed. Kaicar


Kai, Founder & CEO, Kaicar

42Race, Rimoto and Wellobox have been selected to battle it out in the finals of startup pitch on October 21, 2015 during the WIT Conference. To stay updated about all the activities at TravelRave in real time, follow us on Twitter. You can click here for all the other stories from TravelRave.


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