Tourplus lets you find a local expert for your next trip

By on November 25, 2015 | Startup Feature

Last month during TravelRave, we came across many interesting travel startups from the region. One of them was Tourplus from Malaysia. Tourplus offers a platform for travellers to find expert local guides to explore a destination and also check itineraries created by others to see what places they are exploring.


The attractions included in the itinerary are listed along with their TripAdvisor rating to give an added assurance to the travellers. The website interface is simple and you can easily look up attractions that other travellers have recommended. Like we mentioned, users can book a private tour guide through the website and if they are a local expert, they can also register as a tour guide and help travellers explore their city.

We had a chat with Kyle Foo, Co-Founder of Tourplus. Here is a short video of him explaining why the travellers needed Tourplus:

You can try Tourplus to check out the itineraries by other travellers or to find a tour guide for your next trip. Visit them on


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