When Kayak’s CEO Steve Hafner spoke at The Phocuswright 2016 Conference

By on November 18, 2016 | Events

He is a fitness freak, loves his family and is the Chief Executive at Kayak. Iconic entrepreneur, Steve Hafner certainly doesn’t need a second introduction. When Steve spoke to Phocuswright Senior Research Analyst, Maggie Rauch at the 2016 conference, it turned out to be a fascinating one indeed.

Here are some highlights from the Phocuswright Conference web-stream.

On Trivago

650 million dollars in revenue this year but 1600mn dollars in marketing spends.


Steve Hafner, CEO Kayak at The 2016 Phocuswright Conference | Credits: Phocuswright 2016 Conference Web-stream

On Meta-search Consolidation

We’re all shopping, no one is going to buy us. 5 players is a bit too many in the hotels space.

On Chatbots and AI

I personally won’t use AI. We should notice short term interaction on customer service issues such as cancellation of flight.

On being a CEO

Being a CEO of public company is not that bigger deal, what’s important is being a leader.

On non-travel apps he uses


On Google


On Skyscanner IPO

Would never happen


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