Lufthansa’s latest #SayYesToTheWorld campaign is winning the internet

By on March 19, 2018 | Campaigns

Lufthansa recently launched its new #SayYesToTheWorld brand campaign in India, celebrating openness and curiosity. The campaign is about exploring a world of new possibilities and saying yes to the unknown.


As part of the cross-media campaign, Lufthansa installed aircraft seats at public locations in Mumbai, Munich, Shanghai and New York, among other places, and asked people walking by to sit in the seats and answer the question “Why do you love the world?” The campaign does not include statement, but open questions that can be answered based on personal and unique experiences, which makes the short ad relatable to a wide variety of travellers, not just in India, but across the world.

This campaign is probably one of the more innovative ones to have come from the company, and aims to question familiar ways of thinking and habits, challenge the status quo, while demonstrating how enriching it is to discover the world. At the heart of all this is Lufthansa’s mission to inspire people to explore, to see the world, and open their minds to new experiences.

The #SayYesToTheWorld adds a new dimension to Lufthansa’s promise in India, after its ‘More Indian than you think’ campaign. The focus shifts from Indian cuisine and hospitality, to a new breed of Indian ‘explorers’, who are willing to push boundaries, and display a different open-mindedness to explore the world.

Commenting on the launch, Wolfgang Will, Senior Director, South Asia, Lufthansa German Airlines, said, “Lufthansa opens up the world to all explorers. With more and more Indians displaying a growing zest for exploring the world, the new campaign adds to our assurance of being ‘More Indian than you think’ and reaffirms our commitment to being a preferred partner to the Indian traveller.”

The new campaign is also accompanied with a new digital engagement hub at It invites people around the world to pin any place on the online world map and share what they would like to say “Yes!” to there. Participants stand a chance to win a ticket to explore a dream destination in Europe. In line with the campaign, Lufthansa is also reinventing itself in response to the changing customer requirements. Against the backdrop of digitalization, the refreshed brand logo celebrates the distinctive Lufthansa crane created 100 years ago, while transforming it into a dynamic new-age brand. It reflects a thinner ring, which makes the crane look more elegant, bringing it into the foreground and granting it more space. This will take into account the variety of brands in the Group, offering optical neutrality for all companies.

From embracing local cultures to operating its most high-end fleet in India, Lufthansa has been making heavy investments in the Indian marketplace to woo local travellers. In just four years, it has also positioned itself among the top foreign aviation players in the country.


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