Uber backs off under government pressure and decides to halt service in Taiwan

By on February 2, 2017 | News

While Uber is dealing with the backlash from users on one side of the globe with #DeleteUber prominently visible on social platforms, things aren’t really going well on the other side either. Following the stand-off with the regulators and trying to find workarounds, the cab hailing giant is pressing pause in Taiwan.

In a blog post published recently, Uber shared that the service will be paused from February 10, 2017. There is no word on when the service will be resumed however it says that Uber hopes to reset the conversation and inspire President Tsai to take action. Uber was operating in 4 cities across the country and has been operating for around four years.


In the blog post, Uber highlights the steps it has taken or agreed on to make room for itself in the market. This includes securing local insurance policy, initiating efforts to collaborate with taxi industry and providing inputs on ridesharing regulations.

The regulators have been against Uber over the use of unlicenced drivers and last year, hefty fines (upto USD 780K) were introduced for Uber drivers caught by authorities. Uber was also ordered to pay hefty fines and back taxes running in millions. Uber has also said in the blog post that the government has moved away from embracing innovation and setting the stage for a 21st century transportation policy.

“In the face of this impasse, we must create a new path forward. Today, we are announcing our intention to pause our Taiwan service starting Friday 10th February. We hope that pressing pause will reset the conversation and inspire President Tsai to take action” says the post.

In other news, in India, Uber and local rival Ola were ordered to stop offering carpooling rides in the state of Karnataka. However, the regulators remain open to the idea of allowing the service if the regulators comply with their requirements of running such a service.

You can find the blog post here.


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