TravHQ partners with Travel Tech Conference Russia

By on September 13, 2016 | Events , News

The team at TravHQ is delighted to announce our partnership with Travel Tech Conference Russia with a goal to build a bridge between Russian and Indian travel tech communities. The event will be hosted on October 27 in Moscow and is being organised by Travel Startups community and HQ Agency to enable further communication between travel professionals.

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The event will feature keynotes and discussions from the representatives of leading travel companies from Russia and other parts of the world. Russia is a big market for travel and the entrepreneurs strive to build fruitful business ties with suppliers and associates. This event will enable them to do so while also giving them an opportunity to share their knowledge with others to help the community.

Key discussions will be on the future of travel technology, major technology trends that will define and drive the travel industry going forward. Apart from the technologies seen in B2C space, there will be discussions about what new is coming to B2B space. Travel marketing is also witnessing new drifts and to update the industry professionals on the same, there will be a session on the future of travel marketing. The session will give insights on how the Russian audience in different than the other markets, allowing travel brands to better tailor themselves to the market.

This is the first event of its kind in Moscow and with this partnership, we will bring you series of updates about the conference and Russian travel market before and during the conference. For online travel brands eyeing global market, we will also bring a webinar about Russian travel market opportunities hosted by Valentin Dombrovsky, Chief Alchemist at Travelabs and conference co-organiser. TravHQ brand-lead Tanu Arora will also host a conference panel with Russian online travel market thought leaders.

“This media partnership is a great opportunity for Travel Tech Conference Russia to expand its international presence and to fulfill its goal of becoming a “place to meet” for everyone interested in Russian and international travel tech market opportunities. I hope, this will lead to some meaningful alliances between Russian and Indian online travel entrepreneurs”, – said Valentin Dombrovsky in his comment to the occasion.

“Valentin is one of the most passionate travel startup professionals around and we are delighted to partner with his team and Travel Tech Conference Russia. The conference would offer a window of deep insights to India’s travel startups into the Russian online travel market, creating a potential opportunity of future collaboration ”, – said Daksh Sharma, Managing Partner, TravHQ.

You can find more details about the event and sign up to join here.


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