Travelport launches analytics tool for agents in Asia Pacific

By on October 11, 2016 | News

Travelport Business Insights is a new analytics tool that launched in Asia Pacific region that provides travel agencies and other businesses with a ‘near real-time’ access to data from various sources. According to Travelport, this would bring benefits ranging from the ability to optimise supplier contracts, enhanced customer service and, improved operational efficiency.


“Our customers have told us the volume of data available to them is dramatically increasing, as is the time and cost of collating and interpreting the information,” said Mark Meehan, Travelport’s managing director for Asia Pacific.

The sources of integration are both traditional and non-traditional in nature which are then put together with predictive and forward-thinking analytics. The data is then accessible in a dashboard format which highlights key indicators and insights.

He continues to say, “We have developed Travelport Business Insights to help our customers make key business decisions that can improve revenue, enhance customer service and reduce operational costs by not only aggregating travel data from multiple sources but transforming the information into insights, providing businesses with a competitive edge.”

The whole packaging comes in three sizes designed to suit different sizes of business.

Source: TTG Asia


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