Instagram’s analytics will offer excercised control on travel brands’ promotion

By on May 17, 2016 | News , Technology

Instagram has been making news off late with its new and changed look. The brand has decided to experiment a little further with preparing to launch a series of new tools for the businesses and brands using its platform, including business profiles.It would include contact buttons and access to maps and directions, as well as tools for tracking the analytics around posts, and a mobile ad-buying experience.


The details were found on Instagram’s scheduling tool’s blog- the site that had unveiled photos of the forthcoming business profiles. It is said to be observed that the interface would change from being blue-and-white to black-and-white. The visual appearance would change but the content will more likely be same.

Instagram’s analytics offering would be called ‘Insights’ and it would focus on two major areas- follower demographic and post analytics. The follower analytics section offers demographic details about your audience, including followers’ location, age, and gender. Location information is available by a country or by a city, which makes it useful to bigger brands all the way down to smaller, local businesses. It will help brands better to post content knowing where the majority of users are based.

Instagram analytics would not only helps the user to track age and gender but also helps to track the followers the user has gained on an hourly or daily basis. This data can enable them to predict what worked out well for them.

The post analytics section includes expectations of the impressions, reach, website clicks, and other activity on the Instagram content and performance by data analysis. It would also helps the user to time the posts in accordance with the most active time of the day when the follower activities are at its peak. Another feature of this section will let the user see top posts sorted by impressions for past given time. It wouldn’t come as a simple chart but a grid of image thumbnails. This helps the user to track what worked out best for his audiences.

Analytics public launch is expected in a few months with the brand moving closer to Facebook in terms of features made available to businesses and advertisers. Instagram had fallen short of catering businesses and help them maintain a more professional presence on the app. While Instagram wouldn’t confirm the percentage of users already trying out analytics tool, it did confirm its existence.

As Instagram has been used popularly by travel brands and DMOs to reach out to the audiences and promoting their content well, the analytics would serve as a mean to chart their performance and ratings in the near future.

Source: TechCrunch


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