This could possibly be travel marketers’ favourite Instagram feature

By on August 10, 2016 | News

I know a lot of people who actively use Instagram to promote their brand and in order to do so, they have to maintain a certain character and a constant stream of posts. This means that often on weekend lunches, they will pull out their phone and go, “Give me a moment, it is time to publish today’s post on the brand account”. Then the image will go through the usual cropping and tuning before being uploaded and hashtagged. Of course there are tools like Buffer that would let you save drafts and schedule Instagram posts but won’t it be even better if Instagram itself offered the feature like Twitter.


Looks like Instagram is testing the feature with a certain set of users and if all goes good, we might see this feature on all the Instagram accounts. At this point, if you have made any changes, which is very likely considering the array of options it offers now, you will be asked if you want to discard the post by going back or continue editing. However, since last month, many users have reported seeing the option to save a draft along with these two options. It allows the users to keep the finalised posts in draft to be a published later.

One of our devices receives beta updates for Instagram but we are yet to see the feature. It is likely that Instagram is testing the feature with small set of beta users across different geographies to gauge the response. There is also a possibility that the feature might not turn into a standard feature but it is less likely as most users will appreciate having this feature. It will be useful not only for brand accounts but also for personal accounts as people will be able to edit and tune their images at their comfort and then post when they gain the maximum visibility. The recently introduced ‘Stories’ feature is picking up well and the drafts feature could be another highlight.

Source: TNW


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