Google Maps adds the option to book Grab and Go-Jek alongside Uber

By on August 9, 2016 | News

Few months back, a Google Maps update added the option of calling an Uber whenever you look for directions. Ola Cabs was also added to Google Maps so that you can simply look up your destination, check fare estimates and call an Uber or Ola right away. The feature is especially useful when you are using location from some third party source like WhatsApp or Email. You won’t have to check location data and then key in into the Uber app. This simplifies the process when you are on the go.

grab google maps

The option was available in other parts of the world as well and now Maps is adding Grab and Go-Jek in Southeast Asia. Earlier it offered only the option of Uber but now the new additions will also be displayed along with Uber like we see here in India. It will work in a similar fashion. When one looks for directions, it will also include the option of booking a cab or motorcycle taxi along with the estimated pickup time and cost.

This step will certainly help them gain more visibility, considering the fact that after clearing China out of the equation, Uber is likely to get aggressive in SouthEast Asia. On the other side, Grab is raising a fresh round to keep its game strong. Having better visibility will help to some extent.

GoJek is a relatively newer player but strong in the motorcycle taxi segment. The company plans to add new geographies and Google Maps will help with the visibility along with their own marketing efforts. Grab announced the update few days back through a blog post.

Source: TechCrunch


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