partners with ABC Global Services providing travel agency clients with hotel and meeting space

By on July 20, 2016 | News, leading information provider on meeting and banquet venues worldwide, today announces a new partnership agreement with ABC Global Services, the leading travel agency support company providing the largest hotel discount and amenity programs as well as award winning web based hotel booking platform, ezBOOK by ABC.

ABC Global Services, based out of Boca Raton would utilise technology portal as a source generation and lead supply tool for their clients with meetings and event planning services. ABC Global Services is a leading supplier of services and technology for travel agencies, advisors and professionals. ABC Global Services is a leading supplier of services and technology for travel agencies, advisors and professionals. From site selection to contact negotiations and hotel accommodations,’s support and software service makes the ideal platform for ABC’s agency clients.

“ is proud to work together with ABC Global Services. They understand the importance of meeting and event planning services as part of an ongoing commitment to help travel professionals grow their businesses,” stated Tim Hentschel, CEO of “We are a client-focused team providing exceptional service worldwide and our goal is helping ABC customers find their ideal group hotel accommodations, meeting space, and hospitality services at the best rates possible.”

Through direct, collaborative relationships with the leading meeting and banquet venues around the world, quickly finds clients the perfect space and the best price by combining technology with an experienced worldwide client-focused team.

“After reviewing a variety of options it became abundantly clear that offers the best platform, agency support, the greatest opportunities for customization and the most attractive commercial terms for our agency partners’ meeting and event planning needs,” Eric Altschul, CEO of ABC Global Services added. ”We look forward to working with to roll out their leading edge solution to our agency community.” provides exceptional service to help each client select the optimal venue and/or develop an exclusive corporate hotel travel program always delivering the best price for their hotel travel needs.

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