Incredible India 2.0 has a new website, what it means for India’s digital tourism economy

By on October 18, 2017 | Technology

Incredible India has advanced 25 places in the tourism rating index and has 15% growth in international tourists during this period compared to the same duration last year.

The ministry of tourism is making several initiatives and one of the newer ones is launch of new digital platform. It is aesthetically designed user friendly portal making huge amount of information easily inaccessible. It is aimed at identifying user personas and customizing the content for different travellers.

As we speak, the Incredible India website hasn’t been updated yet. However, details for the new website can be found on the YouTube video of Incredible India account. As per the video, the portal aims to be a gateway to India’s culture, experience, heritage, landscapes and more. We tried reaching out to the team for their comment on the portal but there hasn’t been any response yet.

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  • TripControl

    What is the url for this new website. Can you share link plz?