TravHQ Talks: Ankita Sheth, Co-Founder, Vista Rooms

By on October 14, 2015 | Startup Feature

Try finding quality accommodation on a low budget and chances are you will be lost in the maze of results which a search engine like Google will throw up. The highly fragmented budget hotel segment is at war and you have all kind of players vying in for the attention of the customer.

You know what you are booking in case of a flights, trains or high end luxury hotels but with the highly fragmented budget hotel industry, you really don’t know what to expect. The problem isn’t lack of options but an overly crowded segment. The reviews you find on OTAs and metasearch websites like TripAdvisor help to some extent but only in case of destinations that are frequented by travellers. In case of Tier2 and Tier3 cities, the problem magnifies to another level. Hotel chains that invest in their own properties stay away from these cities because of the low ROI and it is hard to find reviews for the hotels that are already present there.

vista rooms satte

Vista Rooms is a budget hotel aggregator offering rebranded and standardised hotel rooms

Earlier this year during SATTE Mumbai West, we met a new hotel chain aggregator called Vista Rooms. Similar to other hotel chains that have come up recently, they partner with individual hotel properties, standardise them and offer them tools & support to provide high quality accommodation at low prices. However the biggest differentiator lies in their approach. While most other chains are investing heavily in metro cities, they are focusing primarily on Tier2 and Tier3 cities where there are hardly any quality budget hotels.

We got a chance to have a conversation with Ankita Sheth, one of the co-founders of Vista Rooms and she shared Vista Rooms’ vision with us.

You can book a stay for your next vacation with Vista Rooms here. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more updates and attractive offers.


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