How India’s Travel Industry celebrated #WorldPhotographyDay on Twitter

By on August 21, 2015 | Spotlight

Photography is deeply linked with travel and be it brands or consumers, one can’t imagine a journey without pictures. The whole world celebrated #WorldPhotographyDay on Wednesday, 19th August. It was one of those days, where photographers from all over united and shared their common passion of shooting pictures. Twitter was abuzz with photographs and tweets from destinations, travel agencies, travel guides & magazines and even the hotel industry joined in.

Here is our pick of how some travel brands in India joined the #WorldPhotographyDay fun.

#1. NatGeo Channel India

NatGeo did something very unconventional and unique on the occasion of #WorldPhotographyDay! They did a small campaign around this theme with a simple concept. Their twitter followers had to guess the names of the photographers behind some iconic NatGeo photos. 5 winners, had a chance to win “50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic iOS app”. The execution of the campaign was planned very neatly and it shows how much brands like NatGeo value such significant days.

#2. Mumbai Heritage

Mumbai Heritage didn’t talk much about the #WorldPhotographyDay but when they did, they made sure they posted some high quality visuals. They shared two beautiful photographs of Mumbai which received good number of retweets and favourites.

#3. Lonely Planet India

Ours is a beautiful country and what better way to celebrate the occasion than with some stunning photos of the most beautiful monument here. Lonely Planet India shared a blog post with 6 best views of the Taj Mahal. The post not only included the pictures but also some facts about the famous monument and places around it.

Now that the Taj Mahal is on Twitter, they could have mentioned @TajMahal as well.

#4. Stayzilla

Pinterest is a platform that largely depends on high quality visuals. Stayzilla, the online marketplace for budget stays, used the #WorldPhotographyDay to promote their Pinterest account on Twitter. They shared multiple tweets with beautiful pictures and link to their Pinterest account.

It is better to use images that have a landscape orientation rather than portrait on Twitter. Portrait images don’t look very neat on Twitter timeline.

#5. OYO Rooms

OYO Rooms, India’s largest chain of rebranded budget hotels, wished its followers a happy #WorldPhotographyDay but missed on a picture to go with the message. Though later they announced a photo contest around the topic with hashtag #OYOgraphy on multiple platforms that will be running till August 25.

#6. Taj Mahal, New Delhi

Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi also decided to use this occasion to drive some activity on their Twitter accountby showcasing their hotel room. They tried to spark some conversations by inviting people to share their pictures but there was hardly any activity after that. There were very few people who used the hashtag or shared their photos with them.

#7. Samsonite India

Samsonite positions itself as a companion for business travellers but every once in a while, the brand uses its social media accounts to connect with leisure travellers as well. On #WorldPhotographyDay, they tweeted just once about it with a fairly average photo to accompany it.

#8. Ginger Hotels

Ginger Hotels used this opportunity to interact through a photo contest. Follower dug into their old photos for a chance to grab Flipkart vouchers by sharing their old memories with #TakeMeBack. The contest saw an impressive level of participation with the hashtag being used around 1500 times.

#9. MakeMyTrip

Like many others, MakeMyTrip also made a tweet about #WorldPhotographyDay and invited people to share their photos. Only a couple of people responded with their photos which was expected as the twist in the tweet was missing.

They could have used some high quality visuals similar to what they have used in the past. Some incentive like a feature of best photos would have motivated more tweeples to share.

Are there any other World Photography Day campaigns that caught your eye? Do share them with us.


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