Goibibo now enables users to login via WhatsApp

By on August 5, 2018 | News , Technology

Goibibo has launched a new WhatsApp integrated solution, allowing its users to sign-in to Goibibo on mobile web via WhatsApp. This first-of-its-kind Whatsapp login authentication will help mobile web users to Log In without needing to remember password, keying in OTP or Mobile Number – rendering a convenient, seamless experience.

Anshuman Bapna, Chief Product Officer, Goibibo said, “We are a mobile-first company and we want to leverage the mobile ecosystem to its fullest to make online travel booking experience even more convenient. Given the ubiquitous usage of Whatsapp among Indians, it was a natural choice for us to build this feature to help people access the platform without the fuss of remembering complex passwords and punching in OTPs.”

This new feature will help Goibibo further enhance qualitative services for its consumers who have come to expect ease and superior user experience. Goibibo currently offers features like seat and meal selection, auto check-in and hotel reviews and images collection through WhatsApp built-in Android APIs.


Indian startups are now increasingly using social messaging app WhatsApp to do business, riding on its huge user base. WhatsApp has nearly 200 million active users in India, as of February 2017, accounting for 16% of its global user base, according to Statista, an online research portal.

The WhatsApp flight seat selection feature introduced by Goibibo in January this year was for flight booking and seat selection and gave travellers the ability to choose their desired flight seat just on Whatsapp.

In a separate development, WhatsApp announced that it is launching its first revenue generating product in India for enterprises to interact directly with customers which will debut with Goibibo’s parent company MakeMyTrip.


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