Here is what trip planning platform TripHobo predicts for the year 2017

By on January 17, 2017 | Spotlight

The planning platform TripHobo dug through its data for the year 2016 to observe how the users coming to planning website behave. DIY Trip Planning was a rising trend over the past year and was the most preferred choice for most travellers, especially the millennials. There was an increased focus on experiential travel resulting in an impact on the preferred destinations as well. While the top destinations held their spot, new destinations started to find spot on the list.


Shorter getaways and solo trips also gained popularity through the year and it is expected that the popularity of solo trips will go up by 33 percent. A very small part, only 14 percent, of the TripHobo users opted for readymade packages. It is rather predictable as most people are going to a planning platform to either plan their trip from scratch or get some ideas from what others are doing for their trip. Based on the behaviour observed, they have also drawn an outline of traveller behaviour of the year 2017.

For 2017, it is expected that there will be a 38% rise in DIY trip plans. 36% percent of travellers are expected to prefer offbeat places over conventional holiday destinations. Short trips will continue to be on the rise with an estimated 50% growth rate. Close to a third of the travellers are expected to opt for solo trip. Homestays will continue to register growth at close to 14% this year.

Below is an infographic depicting the trends observed in 2016 and the predictions for 2017:


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