How digitization in travel will boost customer experience beyond booking

By on April 27, 2016 | Events

PhocusWright India conference was a host to pioneers in travel industry discussing trends that will drive the year ahead of us. It was always one or the other discernment that got an edge above the others. Amidst all these insights, disruption in travel sector through digitization caught hold of us. It’s not just the millennials who are going bonkers with the frequency with which digital world is changing. The ecosphere is highly capricious. The travel business is and will change rapidly given these developments in digitization take a front row.

Digit of cust exp

L to R: Maggie Rauch, Alex Lopukhine, Chinmai Sharma, Samyukth Sridharan

The stage was set for Maggie Rauch, Senior Research Analyst, PhocusWright Inc. to moderate the executive roundtable to discuss drifts in digitization of customer experience. The dialogue was presided over by Alex Lopukhine, Director of Business Development at Viator, Chinmai Sharma, Chief Revenue Officer, Taj Group, and Samyukth Sridharan, CEO, Cleartrip.

Key points that were core to the changing scenario in digital world when it came to customer experience were-

Consumer Psychology

The consumer is the ultimate destination when we talk about any service’s result. If it doesn’t click with the consumer, nope; it’s not working. Content consumption, whether it be hotel bookings or itinerary listings, plays a major role in keeping the customer loyal to you. Content has changed a lot for a decade now. The way it leverages digital experience for different age groups has advertently marked a dawn of a new age. Content is a much-understated space per se. But the stickiness of consumers is going to scale only if the content is used to its full potential.

Iterating the product

Since the technology is fluctuating at a faster pace than imagined, it’s imperative that the products also keep shifting in their functions. A static product will not deliver the required customer experience or for that matter even grab the attention of the consumer. OTAs are creating a wave by encouraging the suppliers to deploy technology in their product and services for a better consumer experience. Smart hotels are making a way for the travellers to skip the front desk and add value to the lifecycle of the traveller.

Smartphone as a key player

Statistically speaking, 70% of the digital activity happens on our handheld devices. Be it searching for the hotels to taking advice on local touring, anything and everything materializes on our mobiles. This dynamic data helps to build a persona around the consumer so that he starts to feel that he has a full control in choosing what he wants to. This intelligible solution draws 60% repeated purchases. And these purchases establish loyalty database.

Messaging apps and AIs in travel industry

These services are providing a personal touch to the customer experience. As consumers, everyone wants that things should be taken care of in advance. They don’t even want to pick up the phone. Personalisation escalates better feedbacks. Messaging apps and AIs are taking concierge services and room keeping to a different level.

Opportunities for a better customer experience

The industry could use more mobile content production and more evolved products to elevate customer experience in the travel sector. The content always creates a wow factor and that extra jazz everybody is looking for.

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