Is acquisition of AI travel startups going to be the new trend in 2019?

By on April 5, 2019 | Editorial

World’s largest travel content publisher Lonely Planet has recently acquired TRILL Travel, an AI-based tech startup that essentially converts visual content from influencers to transactional bookings. What it means, in other words, is that if you’re driven by a captivating hotel or destination pic, you can actually book that activity or experience at the click of a button.

“We are looking at this acquisition from an asset perspective – we want to incorporate TRILL´s tech and capabilities into our digital products and soon reimagine our Pathfinders program,” says President and CEO, Luis Cabrera. “TRILL is another example of how we strive to enable a seamless user journey and interaction between influencers posting content, consumers looking for adventure, and our travel partners,” he added.

According to TRILL Founder & CEO, Eric Shepard, Lonely Planet is the perfect platform to fully realize the potential of TRILL. I’m extremely excited to be part of this new chapter at Lonely Planet and look forward to finding other ‘TRILLs’ out there looking to push the envelope and thrive.”



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