LokaLocal launches 101 experiences as part of “Pride of Perak” campaign at ITB Berlin 2019

By on March 13, 2019 | Editorial

Malaysian travel marketplace LokaLocal announces 101 Experiences in Perak during the launch of “Pride of Perak” with Tourism Perak at ITB Berlin 2019, inviting international visitors to explore the Malaysian state’s hidden gems and local activities. Those visiting Perak will have the opportunity to enjoy 101 local experiences comprising off-the-beaten-track destinations and hands-on activities few can find in the average guidebook, hosted by locals with unique stories and skills.

 “This initiative gathers a group of locals to create uniqueness and exclusive experiences to our global community because we feel that the local experiences will showcase the uniqueness and the real heart of Perak,” said Chin Yoon Khen, CEO of LokaLocal, during ITB Berlin 2019.

 Beyond the usual sights and sounds, travellers can now make traditional lanterns in Ipoh, create labu sayong pottery in Kuala Kangsar, learn urban sketching with an artist, live in a local homestay, cruise down Perak River, and visit lesser-known neighbourhoods such as Kuala Sepetang, Teluk Intan and Kuala Gula. As hosts, locals are empowered to earn an extra income while promoting their traditions, hometowns or hobbies.

“Our goal is to become the local leading platform in smart tourism and continue to spotlight Perak tourism on the global stage, drawing more international tourists to Malaysia as their travel destination of choice.”

Perak certainly has its own appeal as an emerging travel destination, with its charming juxtaposition of old-world buildings and hipster cafes, age-old legacies and modern lifestyle.


According to Lonely Planet, Perak is among the Top 10 Must Visit Regions of 2017. Ipoh is on the 2018’s Top 10 Destinations for Local Food list by Booking.com. The capital city is also one of the best Asian destinations to visit in 2016, and among the Top 3 Best Coffee Towns in Asia. Taiping was also recognised as one of the top three sustainable cities in the world during ITB Berlin on 6 March 2019.

LokaLocal will be releasing its digital innovations in May, in an effort to encourage smart tourism in Malaysia. The upcoming mobile app and SaaS development will allow small to medium-sized merchants to promote their experiences with greater flexibility and convenience on a dedicated software.

LokaLocal also will embark on a strategic partnership with travel technology companies in Malaysia, such as Fonebud IoT, which offers e-SIM based global data roaming services, allowing travellers to enjoy high-speed internet connection, so they can experience destinations like a local.

To strengthen their vision of bringing truly local experiences to visitors, LokaLocal will work with cultural event organisers and space owners to tap on curated workshops and the growing trend of festival tourism.


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