With over 52 million views, you will want to play this crazy Air France ad in repeat mode

By on August 30, 2015 | Campaigns

Following its striking print campaign last year, Air France came up with a trippy 45 second global commercial ‘France is in the air‘ earlier this year. Simultaneously broadcast on TV and digital media networks, it showcases beautiful elements of French culture play (or synchronized swinging) across the screen. You can see young lovers, photo-shoots, ballerinas, food, Tour de France and lot more with all the performers dangling from the ceiling. The French are known for their food and the love for luxury and that is what they have tried to showcase here in a really creative way. All the action takes place inside a ridiculously big airplane cabin.

The communication of airlines usually show airplanes, happy people, comfy seats and beautiful views out of the window. It is hard for any single airline to stand out because they all show and sell the same thing. With this video Air France has managed to serve as an ambassador of everything French while striking the right balance between the creativity and the discipline that should be associated with an airline. It is not the first time they have come up with something this creative. Previously they created highlights with their innovative safety video.

The video tends to get a bit confusing at times but at the same time manages to keep you hooked because of the curiosity it generates. The sweet soundtrack for this video is provided by the American duo Glass Candy and it goes very well with the visuals on the screen. The ad video was directed by film collective We Are From LA (also known for ’24 hours of happy’ video).


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