ArrivalGuides Partners with world’s leading destination expert, HERE Technologies

By on May 25, 2018 | Press Release

ArrivalGuides, the world’s leading destination expert, and HERE Technologies, a global provider of digital mapping and location services, have announced a partnership to enrich the full HERE Technologies product suite with premium destination content for the automotive markets.

ArrivalGuides is working with HERE to implement its destination content solutions that create additional value for people and enhance their travel experience. ArrivalGuides will leverage their global content of over 560 destinations with 50,000 points-of-interests to boost HERE WeGo (desktop and mobile), resulting in a cohesive, consistent and thorough travel experience.


ArrivalGuides works with hundreds of official tourist bureaus and in-house travel experts to provide authentic and up-to-date information for each destination. ArrivalGuides’ content will be available globally on the HERE Map used by 100 million vehicles (4 out of 5 in-car navigation systems in Europe and North America use map content from HERE).

HERE serves several industries with maps and location services. Its map data powers over 100 million vehicles globally, as well as leading enterprises. HERE provides consumers and businesses alike with access to offline maps for more than 110 countries, public transport information for over 1,300 cities and 3D indoor maps for shopping malls, airports, and sports venues. It will now come with an addition: ArrivalGuides’ destination content.

“We are excited about our partnership with HERE. It allows us to expand our distribution network and do what we do best: provide travelers with fresh, reliable and high-quality destination content on a global scale”, said Magnus Aideborn, CEO and founder of ArrivalGuides. “HERE is a market leader, which enables us to offer exceptional destination information to its millions of customers and users.”

About ArrivalGuides
ArrivalGuides is a technology company within the travel industry. ArrivalGuides’ prime business is their booking platform, a comprehensive social interactive environment for travelers to plan and book all their travel products. Premium destination content and ArrivalGuides’ own CMS (AGDA) are two other vital components of the company’s business. ArrivalGuides is the trusted supplier of destination content for over 300 travel operators globally.


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