Amadeus announces strategic partnership with Flight Centre Travel Group

By on March 30, 2018 | Press Release

Amadeus and Flight Centre Travel Group announced that Amadeus will be providing distribution technology for Flight Centre’s business across EMEA and Asia. As one of Flight Centre’s partners of choice, Amadeus will be working hand-in-hand with Flight Centre to transform its IT and operations through innovative solutions and support expansion in these regions.

Flight Centre will also be a driver customer in the creation of Amadeus’ new NDC-enabled solution for business and retail travel agencies. The two companies will work together, with Flight Centre providing input into Amadeus’ design and build of an NDC-enabled solution. This will enable travel sellers worldwide to shop, order and pay for flights and related services, in addition to changing and cancelling bookings, using the NDC standard in Amadeus Selling Platform Connect.

Image source: Amadeus

Image source: Amadeus

Amadeus has already started to collaborate with several airlines to define a solution that gives travel agents access to travel content using the NDC standard. The objective is to make NDC content easy to access and compare so travel providers and sellers can serve travellers simply, quickly and accurately.

Graham Turner, Managing Director, Flight Centre Travel Group, said, “Our approach has always been to evolve with industry developments and the needs of our customers in order to aggregate and offer the widest, most relevant content possible. We are committed to ensuring Flight Centre stays ahead of the curve in terms of GDS technology and systems, particularly as new initiatives like NDC emerge. That’s why we are excited to have partnered with Amadeus in our Asia and EMEA businesses. We wanted a leading technology partner, not just a GDS supplier, who could work with us to drive our business forward with tech innovation for the benefit of our customers.”

Rajiv Rajian, EVP of Business Travel, Amadeus, said, “We are proud to be delivering Flight Centre’s distribution and IT needs and we’re excited to have Flight Centre as a driver customer on our NDC journey. As we progress on our NDC-X program, we’re also evolving our entire travel platform to bring together all relevant content from any source (GDS, NDC, airline proprietary APIs, and aggregators) to be distributed via any channel or device. The first evolution of our platform is underway and will give travel sellers, like Flight Centre, access to more content, and will give airlines the flexibility to distribute their products and offers however they choose.”

Amadeus is committed to achieving the NDC level 3 certification as an aggregator this year, followed by delivering a first fully scalable solution to travel sellers worldwide in 2019. This will then continue to develop and evolve, adding more sophisticated use cases along the way.

Flight Centre’s travel agents will adopt a range of Amadeus solutions in the following markets: EMEA (United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, South Africa, Namibia, and UAE) and Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and India). In Australia and New Zealand, Amadeus will also provide technology solutions for some of Flight Centre’s online travel agency businesses. Amadeus is also a key IT partner to help Flight Centre grow its business in new markets and segments.

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