Visit Flanders launches website to educate people about Belgian beers

By on November 21, 2015 | News

Belgium is a beautiful country known for the music, chocolates and beer. Belgians love their beer and that is why the country has got almost 180 breweries from the microbreweries to the international brands. A large number of these breweries are in the northern state of Flanders and to promote the Belgian beer culture in other regions, Visit Flanders has recently announced its beer website

beer visit flanders

The website displays information about the beers in Flanders which include the history, brewing processes, related events, breweries and brewpubs. Along with the information, it offers ways to plan a beer trip to the region.

The beer business in Belgium has a turnover of around 2.2 billion euros and this initiative is to drive even more business by educating more people about the Belgian beers. The country boasts of its beer culture and offers 1500 different kind of beers. The Flemish culture showcases their expertise in beer making and the experts highly favour Belgian beers for the character and endless options.

Speaking at the launch of this interesting website, Sunil Puri, Managing Director – representative office for tourism, Flanders and Brussels, Belgium in India said, “It is our pleasure to introduce the new website that serves as a guide to the world of Belgian beers. Through the introduction to our dedicated website on Flemish beers, we want to familiarise people with the rich beer-making culture and inform them about the various fun activities and events one can enjoy with these beers. We hope more people can experience this extensive tradition through exciting brewery-visits, beer events, beer trails, walks and tours on their next trip to Flanders.”

This initiative by Visit Flanders will not only educate people about the beer culture and the associated processes but also help promote Flanders as a destination among the travellers.

Do check the website to learn more about the famous beers and share your thoughts with us.


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