launches Via Lite to deal with connectivity challenges in India

By on November 10, 2016 | News

The slow mobile internet speeds and dependence of a large number of users on mobile devices means that internet companies have to prepare for the worst in India. The problem of slow internet is further magnified with the spotty mobile internet service across many parts of the country. To deal with that, has launched a Lite version of its website for mobile browsing. The version takes a minimalistic approach to speed up the browsing experience significantly on mobile.


According to, Via Lite loads six times faster than the standard version to provide better experience while retaining functionality. The entire browsing experience on mobile is much faster, flight search deserves special mention. Not only is it very fast but some of the UI features like fare calendar right at the search page eliminate the need of multiple searches, thereby speeding up the entire booking experience. The Lite version has been live since last week and the company has observed a boost of 200 percent in mobile bookings since then.

According to Varun Gupta, CTO,, this feature is primarily for consumers using slower internet connections. “With powerful features like push notifications, offline access, add-to- home screen, fast page load and a smooth user interface, the main message is that you don’t need to choose between web or app. We are providing users with a frictionless and highly engaging experience on the mobile web.”

This move also reinforces the fact that despite the aggressive push by brands, in travel or otherwise, mobile web is a significant piece in the equation. It holds even more relevance in travel as it is not a very frequent activity for most people and they would not prefer to keep the app for an annual or biannual booking.


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