Uber goes ‘uber’ cool with their revamped appeasement strategy for their drivers

By on June 7, 2016 | News

While we sit in our comfortable seats looking at the view that passes by, our very own Uber driver has his set of woes. He had preferred to be a part of the Uber team because it provided him with an opportunity to be his own boss. How far has that worked out for him? Ever wondered how the drivers struggle along the routes to make this on-demand economy a hit? Uber has always been pro quality of life for both riders and the drivers. Their yesterday’s driver reward program revamp shows that they care. Let’s look at some of the features-


Image by Mark Warner/ CC BY 2.0

Pause button

This feature literally lets the driver hit pause button and stops the incoming requests for a new ride instead of declining the same. This bring a breath of fresh air into his schedule, he is a master of his own whims and fancy. It’s totally up to him whether he wants to grab a coffee or call it a day, no questions asked.

You’re late. For real!

When our time is money, why isn’t their? The new feature brings the driver a relief to charge the rider extra fee when they are late past two minutes. In this way, the riders would self-police themselves and be on time. Very integral.

Em on my route

Like anyone who goes to work has a route and so does our driver. Why should he be put off his own route? The driver is now free to put a destination two times a day, say once in the morning while heading for work and once in the evening while returning home. This way he would only receive requests that fall along his own path.

Greenlight locations

Uber has always raved the way it has come handy for the economy. The drivers were always vocal about how they needed local staff while in need. Uber Greenlight locations is a new name for the Partner Support Centres that provide the drivers with local assistance.

Let them take a back seat

The drivers who have an Uber app for passengers would be given discounts for being a passenger.  Drivers who are part of this pilot get 15% off an uberX ride for every 10 trips you complete in a week, or 50% off an UberBLACK ride for every 20 trips done in a week.

Uber is constantly improving experience of riding with them and now driving with them. Amidst all the chaos of lawsuits and scrutiny, the ride hailing joint has managed to come out in appeasement for their people behind the wheel. The blog Behind the Wheel is an exclusive platform for their most prized possession ie; drivers, so that they can have a first-hand information on any news and perks that roll out.


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