Think you can change travel search? Skyscanner is looking for you

By on June 4, 2016 | News

Do you think that the current travel booking options aren’t good enough? Do you have the potential to simplify the experience for travellers? If the answer is yes, Skyscanner is looking for you. The travel metasearch company has recently announced ‘Build with Skyscanner’ competition.

build with skyscanner

Skyscanner is challenging startups, developers and aspiring entrepreneurs to build a new tool for travel search that has the potential to disrupt the travel industry. To do so, they are giving the teams four months and access to their Travel APIs. The winning team will get a chance to work at Skyscanner HQ in Edinburgh, be coached by Gareth Williams, Skyscanner CEO and also receive a £1000 cash prize.

Interested teams can register for the race and then they have got till October 1, 2016 to complete their product. They have to sign up for and create an on demand API key, submit the email to sign up for the competition here and build the product. The Skyscanner team will be accessible to help on Twitter @Skyscannertools where they can share their progress.

Skyscanner has previously associated with some interesting startups that have created products using their APIs. For instance Meekan developed a conversational platform for Slack and HipChat users which offers flight search as one of its features. Tripaya is another interesting product that focuses on traveller’s budget, interests and dates of travel to offer suitable travel options. It changes the direction of how people search for flights. Instead of starting with the destination, it starts with the budget and suggests the best destinations.

Interested teams can find more details and sign-up for Build with Skyscanner at


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