Startuptravels, launches Coworking Pass for travelling entrepreneurs

By on October 2, 2015 | News , Startup Feature

Having a local friend when you are visiting a new place is of great help. Now imagine having a local friend who is also an entrepreneur and can help you network in the new city when you travel for business. Entrepreneurs like to know others of their kind and how things work in different parts of the world but connecting with the right people isn’t easy. That was exactly why a group of startup enthusiasts decided to build Startuptravels, a social network offering a new way to meet and connect with local entrepreneurs all over the world.

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Started in October last year, Startuptravels now has 10,000+ members from over 160 countries. You can simply search for the city you are travelling to, find a local entrepreneur and set up a meeting.

Earlier we had a conversation with Anders Hasselstrom, one of the co-founders. He has been an entrepreneur since he was 18. He loves travelling to new places and goes to stay in different counties every few months. According to him, they are trying to introduce people to like-minded people so that they don’t feel like an outsider wherever they go.

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Startuptravels team

Users can register on the website using their LinkedIn or Facebook account. The details are automatically added from the LinkedIn account. This information can be modified to add tags useful for discovery on the platform.

Startuptravels has just launched a new Coworking pass that would allow users to work from different coworking places across the world. They have researched and found some of the best coworking places across the globe and partnered with them. The members can pick the destination and choose to use the coworking space there. Using the Coworking pass, they can work there for free.

Some major companies have expressed their interest in associating with Startuptravels as it will give them a gateway to be connected with global entrepreneurs. You can join the Startuptravels community on their website here. To sign up for the Coworking pass, you can follow this link.


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