Railway staff suspended after this video went viral

By on November 18, 2015 | News

A video of railway booking counter staff has been doing the rounds of social media for the past few days. The video shows a fierce argument that broke out, at the Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Mumbai, between the travellers and ticket counter staff.

Despite the multiple channels that Indian Railways has opened up over the years, the booking counters at stations deal with heavy volume of passengers because of the large number of train travellers. The lady at the booking counter was causing delay in generating the tickets and was occupied counting the cash which annoyed the passengers. Once the argument started, the lady then refused to give them the tickets and called security to stop the person from filming the incident.

Here is the video posted by one of the travellers waiting at the counter:

Soon after the video was shared by The Logical Indian, their community picked it up resulting into a social media outrage. Large number of people shared it with the Twitter handle of Ministry of Railways, Minister for Railways and various local news websites.

Indian Railways was quick to take action against the booking window staff. Early next morning, Ministry of Railways tweeted that an action against her has been initiated followed by CPRO Central Railway sharing that the concerned staff has been suspended.

While the Ministry of Railways was responsible enough to resolve it quickly, they need to look at the long term solutions for such problems. The processes need to be more seamless and staff better trained to avoid such situations.


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