Does Zoomcar’s first music video on YouTube inspire you to travel?

By on July 5, 2015 | News

Self drive car rental company ZoomCar has been attracting a lot of attention during recent times with expansion to new cities, radio ads, big fleet of cars and attractive consumer pricing. They have also been making rapids on digital platforms.

The latest in this series is a tip-off from their marketing team about a YouTube music video. The video conveys the whole idea of Zoomcar in a nice musical theme. The 3minute 25second video rides on the ‘freedom to drive on your own’ theme and conveys the story of a group of friends who use Zoomcar for their next trip. The background score certainly has a nice soothing appeal to it and goes well with the overall theme of the video.

The explosive growth of YouTube as a video consumption platform makes it an absolutely critical choice in any travel related brand’s marketing strategy. We feel that this video is a great attempt by Zoomcar to inspire people to go out and travel! Perhaps, the duration of the video could have been a little shorter as the pace of it doesn’t change in the second-half.

Will the music of the video and the soulful voice behind it create a viral pull? We will soon come to know about that in the coming days!


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