The earbud campaign at Kickstarter that raised nearly 500% of pledged goal in 4 days

By on July 9, 2016 | Technology

The wireless air buds are nothing new as a technological advancements. There have been plenty and they are rolling too every day. There is absolutely no shortage of them especially on Kickstarter. What makes FireFlies different is the price range it’s is being given away at which is the lowest price in the category, $79 for the early backers while supplies last.


It’s been just 4 days the campaign has gone live and the product has generated nearly 500% of pledged goal.

The features the FireFlies have are nothing out of ordinary, but they’ve nailed the product in this price range. A left and a right earbud is connected to each other via Bluetooth to play stereo. The charging pod that charges the earbuds cordlessly and can do so up to 3 additional times and a micro-USB cord to charge the pod.

The earbuds can be paired to various devices to play audios via Bluetooth such as phones, computers, TV and more. The chip in use for the Bluetooth streaming is of 4.0 version which means it could also be paired with Bluetooth 3.0.

FireFlies have a water resistant model which is the perfect solution to the gyming woes.

The charging pod is a tiny and convenient way to charge the pods wirelessly. The earbuds can be placed in the recharge pocket and can be charged on the go. From a design perspective, it fits a variety of ears comfortably and securely. It fits snugly so that it’s the least of the worries that the equipment might fall off irrespective if the activity you’re performing. To ensure more secured fit, it comes with 3 different sized locking wings.

However, the only drawback that could be noted would be the absence of built-in microphone to answer calls but it’s pretty decent in the price that is offered.

The final retail price will be $199. Visit FireFlies Kickstarter page for more details.


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