LG has made a guide robot to help you at the airport

By on January 8, 2017 | Technology

Forget the smartphones and home appliances, the South Korean company is doing things much bigger than that. Meet Airbot. Airbot is an Airport Guide Robot, as the name explains, guides you through the airport. It will tell you about your flight status, boarding gate and other relevant information.


Recently at the CES 2017 where the tech companies showcase the future, LG used the opportunity to showcase the Airbot. To get information, you just have to feed your boarding pass to this robot that looks like a futuristic version of ‘Rosie’ (Jetsons anyone?) and a large display will present all the relevant information. It will tell you your boarding gate, distance from the spot, time taken to walk there and can even walk you to the gate if you want.

Along with the display, the information is delivered via voice as well. It can also respond to your voice and knows four languages: English, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Korean. And don’t dismiss this as just another CES exhibit which you won’t see anytime soon. LG has said that it will be deployed at Seoul’s Incheon International Airport later this year. Now can someone please make a robot to speed up the security check?

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