Trip38 plans to take away your tickets

By on June 21, 2015 | Startup Feature

The internet is flooded with options if you are looking for services to book your travel. Even a small trip would include multiple bookings for travel, stay and other activities. The booking confirmations and tickets are usually sent on your email and then you keep scrolling through your mails whenever you need to check any details. Trip38, a travel startup from Bangalore tries to simplify the process for you. They have recently raised 6 crores INR from InterGlobe Technology Quotient, a unit of InterGlobe Enterprises and Singapore based venture capital firm Lantern Capital.

Your Personal Travel Assistant

Trip 38 – Your Personal Travel Assistant

Trip38 app comes in handy once you have planned your trip and made the bookings using an OTA. After you have registered with them, you can simply forward all your booking confirmations to them over email and you will have a complete itinerary in one place on your mobile phone. They are not just making an itinerary for you but also handling other parts of your trip beyond the hotel and flight bookings. Trip38 app also offers you location sensitive content in terms of local attractions, food spots, tourist support information, and local events with the option to book through it. They have included a large number of hotels, restaurants and sightseeing options from around the world so that the travellers always have access to locally relevant data. They have also included the details of embassies and consulates for all counties across the world.

With the process of mailing confirmations to generate itineraries, Trip38 appears to be similar to TripIt at first. However the Trip38 app differentiates itself by adding detailed local information and booking options. The service is available free of cost to the customers while TripIt offers both free and paid plans for managing your itinerary. Trip38 provides bookings for attractions like we mentioned but no transactions take place on their platform. They generates revenues through transaction fees from hotels, travel agents & tourism boards.

The Trip38 service is available for free and for them to continue serving it for free, they need to attract large number of users and get more hotels/ destinations on-board. Then it can become an all-round partner for travellers.

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