TravoAsia brings authentic activities for travellers to book in Asia

By on May 2, 2016 | Startup Feature

Itinerary planning is an exhaustive task. Everybody is on a look out for some authentic experience when they plan a holiday. But what do they mean when they say authentic? Authentic here means to get to go around like a local or experience stuff that makes them feel like a local. The peeps at TravoAsia have kept in mind these worries and the team has come up with a peer-to-peer platform that allows you to book activities with the locals, experiencing the newness in the culture and the way we look at it.

TravoAsia was founded in late 2015 and their concept was to give travellers a unique taste of local experience with the ease of flexible. Travellers have a full control on what they love to do on a trip.  They can book a private dinner cooked by a Korean in the afternoon so that they can enjoy it after a busy day of work or a couple can choose a full day mountain climbing course during their 5 days’ vacation to Thailand. The demand for a more in-depth experience on the trip is what TravoAsia brings to the table.


The founders, Tom and Stephen, started off with the gaming industry. They had been travelling a lot in last few years to attend business conferences and meetings with game publishers in different cities. While they spent most of the time during the days on works, they always felt that they had no ideas where to spend the time after the busy work which sometimes finished up early. They had started to wonder is there a way that they could book a local activity instantly on web or mobile. That way, they didn’t have to worry about the planning and time and more importantly arrange their own activities according to their own schedule. This is how TravoAsia was born.

Initially, they had planned to target Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The reason behind that was that they have some of the highest outbound travellers spending in the region and the inter-travel between these four countries are extremely high. At the moment, they have more than 50 activities listed on TravoAsia. Most of them are from Korea and the variety of the activities included paragliding in Seoul, rock climbing in Hallyeo Maritime National Park and K-pop culture tour. They aim to reach over 100 unique experiences to start with.

fouders TravoAsia

Founders of TravoAsia

TravoAsia launched their website in February 2016 with managing to put over 30 activities online in one month. They offer at least 5 different trail walking and climbing activities in Seoul and not many people know that activities like this even exist in this busy cities. They want to test out the “taste” of the customers and see what types of experience they love and then fine tune the types of activities that they have on their platform. More important, they would like to offer as a one-stop service for sole and self-planned travellers where they can find the most updated attraction in their distinction.

They are planning to go full scale in Korea and hopefully expand to Japan and Taiwan by the end of this year. They plan to launch their services in Hong Kong market and prepare for fundraising. In long run TravoAsia would cover all major cities in Asia.

For more information on how to book, you can visit their website or check out their Facebook page.


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