This Korean Travel Startup is creating a Social Network for VR Videos

By on September 8, 2017 | Startup Feature

We spoke to sunQ PARK, who is the CEO at, a 360 virtual trip community. Bideomap is a new kind of VR video SNS that people can share 360° travel videos with others (

Since people want to save their journey, we picked this idea(360degrees video pin on the map) for people’s . Nowadays, people are not only using a camera and smartphone to take a picture, but also 360 degrees cameras like Theta360, Gear360, LG360 more and more recently. Therefore, people can share their trip videos and remind their memories through our service.

About launch

We started designing and planning the business on October 2015. The website was launched on September 29, 2016. Therefore is that we are about to start it.

About competition

There does not exist for virtual trip experience sharing a 360 degrees video platform, but or Google Earth, street view  is one of our competitors.


Revenue model

Sponsors(Restarant +Hotel) billing $ 10 per year  when uploading 360 videos ad on the map.

Virtual tours are nothing new to the travel market, but the utilization of immersive video instead of still imagery to create a innovative and engaging marketing campaign is a new and exciting concept. 360 video maps provide an invaluable amount of visual understanding, along with detailed information of each individual experience, helping travers in choosing their desired destination.

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  • Give the destination traveler an opportunity to visit the sights from the comfort of their own home.
  • Display multi listing search results of guests’ criteria accompanied by corresponding 360° spherical video. Streamline the booking and reservation process for guests and corporate clients.
  • As VR based tourism and travel markets grow, the demand for more information about these destinations will continue to grow as well. It is widely known among marketing agencies that the use of video and rich media has a huge impact on how consumers choose their destination. Statistics show that “look-to-book” ratios increase with the use of these mediums. There is no other industry better set to take advantage of remote familiarization than travel and tourism.

We have three patents. One of them is METHOD FOR HYBRID-BASED VIDEO CLUSTERING AND SERVER IMPLEMENTING THE SAME. We obtained this patent, and others are applied for. DataKing.Inc Korean VR Industry Association official member

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