Buying that GoPro or mountain bike for your trip is a bad idea. RentSetGo has a better one

By on November 27, 2016 | Startup Feature

Photography usually follows as an interest for most people who love to travel. How can it not. If you like to explore beautiful new places, it is hard to not capture the beauty. However, for most of us, the use of cameras is limited to those infrequent trips and the fancy DSLRs stay in the shelf for rest of the year. It isn’t the case just with cameras. For most of us, the usage of travel gear and accessories never justifies the money spent on them, which is exactly what RentSetGo is trying to deal with.


RentSetGo started out with the idea of allowing people to experience the best from their trips without having to worry about owning any expensive travel gear. So the users can find travel gear like bicycles, cameras and camping equipment to gadgets and games. The platform currently has over 6,000 listings ranging from board games to motorcycles and everything in between. They work on a marketplace model so all the inventory available on RentSetGo is provided by the lenders, which include both individuals and small businesses that lend specific items. Usually there are many small scale providers that rent out certain equipment but their marketing is limited to their extended network because of their scale. RentSetGo sets up an additional channel for them while bringing the resources together.

Not owning any of the inventory items of course poses the challenge of ensuring that their word of quality and reliability product is kept. To deal with that, apart from the usual set of background checks and testimonial verifications, they also carry out dummy orders.

RentSetGo Founders Sunith and Shruti

RentSetGo Founders Sunith and Shruti

Shruti Ajmera Reddy, a wildlife and travel enthusiast, came up with RentSetGo along with Sunith Reddy in 2014. Shruti has been involved in setting up businesses for the Sugal and Damani Group and has also been actively involved with various startups as a member of Mumbai Angels. Sunith, a computer science graduate from IIT Madras has co-founded two companies in the field of algorithmic trading after working with Yahoo. He believes that sharing is a more responsible way of consuming resources and that is exactly what the duo is trying to promote with RentSetGo.

The growth of sharing, or rather the access economy, is a global trend which has also started to show signs in India over the past few years. More people are now comfortable sharing homes and vehicles and are gradually opening up to idea of sharing other items as well. The users of RentSetGo also display a similar behaviour with motorcycles being the top choice closely followed by cameras and other travel gear.

RentSetGo has a user base of over 10,000 and is currently operating in 17 cities across India. The team is all ready to set foot in many new cities over the coming months. Recently they have also started offering activities and experiences as they saw it as a natural extension of what they stand for. The experiences on offer are provided by local experts and are unique to the platform. With this addition, they are putting together everything, from the travel experience to the required travel gear, in one place. While experiences and activities is a tough space to get into, adding more value by putting together all the resources could be a good formula to make quick progress here. You can find more details about RentSetGo on their website here.


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